Be Unique

innovating in yarns and fabrics since 1923.

Meryl's exclusive touch is a feeling of total peace; a quiet place to take your time.​

Let yourself be seduced by the little pleasures in life, like the softness of Meryl® on your skin​

Close your eyes and feel the flavors and scent of the Meryl® experience.

Welcome to Nylstar

Where fashion starts.

Nylstar is the result of decades of passion and commitment to highest standards of materials, craftmanship and quality. Inspired by fashion, driven by innovation.

Discover Meryl®, Nylstar's luxury textile brand inspired by woman's femininity and recognized by its unique and exclusive touch.


Be Unique

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Delicate constructions, seductive touches and luxurious looks, Meryl® Fabrics inspire the most exclusive designs.


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Meryl® Products collect the most premium and innovative yarns made by Nylstar. All of them have been carefully designed and selected to offer a perfect result.

Meryl® Spring

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Meryl® Collections is where you can access the latest season trends
of the brands you love and discover our unique clothing styles organized for every occasion.

Nylstar has developed a full range of technical yarns for multiple industrial usages; For the ones who demand the highest quality standards.


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Nylstar is heritage, fine materials and maximum attention to detail.

Inside Nylstar

By choosing Nylstar, clients ensure a total guarantee in achieving the highest quality standards.

Nylstar is not simply a matter of ​fashion. Nylstar works day by day to develop premium products environmental responsive. Nylstar comes from nature and cares for it.


Its root is an aknowledgement of the limits of nature. We believe in a more sustainable world, and that is why we work constantly to improve our environment.

For years Nylstar has been developing super soft fabrics with no extra water consumption, no chemical additives and low carbon footprint.

Meryl® Ecodye