Nylstar, looking forward to 100 years of history

Open your wardrobe. The clothes you wear, the garments you do sport with, your socks and stockings, your underwear...Chances are they have Meryl® inside.

Almost a century ago, in 1923, on the coast of the mediterranean sea, Nylstar was founded. Soon after its foundation, In 1953, Nylstar became the very first and most important producer of Nylon 6.6 in Europe, and has been producing the highest quality yarns from the same site ever since.

Today, our corporate strategy is to maintain this commitment and to continue to invest in R&D, Marketing and HR . The threefold objective of this investment is to further strengthen relationships with our key clients worldwide, and to create and develop new yarns and new applications for these consumers.

Understanding Meryl

Meryl® is the family of premium Nylon 6.6 fibers produced by Nylstar. To understand more about Meryl please visit our FAQ.

Nylstar Fast Facts

We export
of our production, serving customers in more than 60 countries.
countries where our brands are registered.
Main figures
Built area
Global presence
Our production facilities and headquarters are in Blanes, 70Km, away from Barcelona (Europe). We have sales offices, agents and warehouses around the world (see contact area)