Meryl Growing Together

Meryl Partnership Program

Meryl Growing Together is a Communication Channel between Nylstar and selected knitters and weavers. This partnership program implies a strong commitment and a strong strategy to grow together with our partners. It is the first step to establish a conversation channel between us and our selected knitters and weavers; conversations about value, rather than costs, where Nylstar stands as trusted long-term consultant, a strategic partner. We want to share our more than 90 years of expertise and knowledge, we are handing you our ABC of Growth so we can start Growing Together.

Leading companies and brands like Nike, Adidas, M&S or Uniqlo already recognize the importance of communicating directly with its yarns providers. We are establishing a Communication Channel between the brands and its supply chain, yarn providers & fabric makers, so we can, together and alligned, meet our common customers' needs.

Meryl Growing Together offers, face to face communication with a qualified team of Marketers and Sales People. Being part of the Meryl Growing Together Program has the benefits of being a Nylstar's Customer, with the added value of the following tools:

Fabric Development: We offer free yarn in exchange of fabric samples that we will show to your potential customers together with your logo and company information. We will also promote these fabrics on our website and the tradeshows in which we participate.

Fashion Trends by Market: Find Bodywear, Sport, Intimates & Swimwear Trends on our website as soon as they are established and defined, also available as Printed Trendbooks.

Sample Books: We identify segments in each market and develop adhoc sample books for our customers. For instance, Product Sample Books for Seamless, Socks or Hosiery and Segment Sample Books for Running, Yoga or Cycling, depending on our customers needs.

Product Catalogues: We personalize our Product Catalogues with your stamp or logo so you can giveaway to your customers.

Meryl Authorized Manufacturer Certification: Only our most valued partners become Meryl Authorized Manufacturers.

Dedicated Technical Support

Marketing Exclusive Actions & Promotions

All in all, Meryl Growing Together offers you a complete portfolio of industry-leading solutions, allowing you to win more customers and add additional revenue to your existing business. With extensive trend and market knowledge and cutting edge technology, Meryl is your ideal growing partner.

To become part of our Growing Together Program contact