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Available Fabrics

  • The best of nature and the latest technological innovations: An outstanding product made with Meryl Yarns and Merino Wool. 

  • Feel the luxury on your skin.  Meryl Hyaluronan is a premium signature fabric with a special soft touch and functional properties in the field of cosmetics.

  • This exclusive fabric has been made with Meryl Essense yarns combined with natural cotton. 

  • This neoprene has been made with a combination of soft and high quality Meryl® Nexten yarns and elastane.

  • Amazing soft touch and cosmetical properties: Meryl Hyaluronan fabrics will help to hydratate your skin while improving its elasticity.

  • Feel the luxury on your skin.  This premium Signature fabric with a special soft touch has functional properties in the cosmetical field.

  • Meryl Air Sense Kathmandu is a lightweight fabric with an amazing silky touch for your most sophisticated garments.

  • Specially designed for Swimwear, this fabric has a unique silky touch and it is enhanced by Meryl's distinguist digital print patterns.

  • Specially designed for Swimwear pieces, this fabric has a high colour resistance and Meryl's characteristic silky touch.

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