Meryl® Nateo

Cotton touch & Moisture management

Garments made with Meryl® Nateo offer the best performance without giving up the ultra-soft touch of natural fibers. Its properties make it the ultimate choice for studio sports.

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  • UV Protection
    UV Protection

    Meryl® Nateo, with its greater opaqueness, is highly effective against UV rays. Fabrics made with Meryl® Nateo can reach UPF 80 of the UV 801 Standard.

  • Water Absorption
    Water Absorption

    Meryl® Nateo demonstrates faster absorption speed when compared to other Meryl® yarns of the same count, ensuring maximum comfort.

  • Wicking Properties
    Wicking Properties

    Breathable, Meryl® Nateo quickly draws perspiration away from the skin to the exterior of the fabric for evaporation.

  • Stretchable

    Meryl® Nateo stretches to give you a perfect fit and maximum comfort giving great shape without wrinkles.

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