Meryl® Sublime

Silky touch & Finest microfiber comfort

Meryl® Sublime provides with a unique silky touch. Flat premium multi microfibers for high-end fabrics, for consumers with an exquisite taste. A must for intimates

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  • Multifilament Comfort
    Multifilament Comfort

    Meryl® Sublime has been made with the finest filaments ever produced; they can be as thin as 0,45 Dtex per filament, providing a high level of capillarity and ultra breathability.

  • Freshness

    Meryl® Sublime quickly draws perspiration away from the skin to the exterior of the fabric for evaporation.

  • Lightness

    For every 10 Km Meryl® Sublime can be as light as 26 grams, providing extremely light and comfortable fabrics.

  • No Pilling
    No Pilling

    Thanks to the twisting process, fabrics made with Meryl® Sublime avoid pilling effects without giving up softness. Up to 24 twists per meter.

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