Meryl® Elite

Light comfort & Great stretchability

Incomparably thin and elastic. Meryl® Elite is the maximum expression of lightness and stretchability. Its high standards of quality offer great results on the covering process. Moreover, its advanced technology allows fantastic and easy to dye products.

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  • Weightless

    Meryl® Elite microfilaments provide extremely light and comfortable fabrics. 10 Km of Meryl® Elite can be as light as 22 grams.

  • Shape retention
    Shape retention

    Despite its lightness, Meryl® Elite's stretchability gives a perfect fit and maximum comfort even after repeated usages.

  • Easy to Dye
    Easy to Dye

    Meryl® Elite offers impressive good results when dyeing, easily retaining all color intensity.

  • Yarns Cover
    Yarns Cover

    Because of its quality and natural stretchability, Meryl® Elite offers extremely good results when working with yarn covering machines.

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