Meryl® Satiné

Cool touch & Sparkling finish

An incredible and unique brightness. It's sophisticated luster, with a beautiful drape and amazing softness, makes it the best sparkle yarn ever.

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  • Permanent Brightness
    Permanent Brightness

    Meryl® Satiné brightness is part of the ADN of the yarn and it won’t lose its shine no matter the washes or uses.

  • Easy to Dye
    Easy to Dye

    Meryl® Satiné offers impressive good results when dyeing, easily retaining all color intensity.

  • Breathable

    Meryl® Satiné offers an extraordinary breathability that will keep perspiration away from the skin ensuring maximum comfort.

  • Moisture-wicking

    Meryl® Satiné quickly and effectively wicks moisture away from your skin, transporting it to the exterior of the garment where it is rapidly evaporated.

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