Meryl® Souple

Soft touch & Perfect fit

Seamless revolution, with an amazing soft touch, that adapts to body contours and the natural movements of your body it is high temperature resistant whilst maintains a delicate soft touch. Designed for seamless applications to achieve extraordinary comfortable garments

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  • No Shrink
    No Shrink

    Thanks to its manufacturing process, Meryl® Souple has a very low shrinkage (between 3-5%) and maintains its shape even in contact with the extremely high temperatures supported during the garment making process.

  • Soft Touch
    Soft Touch

    Thanks to its drawing process, Meryl®Souple has a seductive soft touch similar to silk. Meryl® Souple is fresh and light which favours the comfort of the garments.

  • Deep Dyeing
    Deep Dyeing

    Meryl® Souple ensures a greater color intensity even after numerous washes, and an optimal color resistance to UV rays.

  • Antistatic

    Meryl® Souple, inhibits the buildup of static electricity during the production process of the garment.

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