Meryl® BiMelange

Fantastic ready to use Melanges

Giving garments a mélange effect has never been so easy. Meryl® BiMelange offer two colored yarns ready to transform into a fashion fabric perfect to achieve Blurred or Pulsar effects 

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  • 0 milliliters of water
    0 milliliters of water

    Not one drop of water is used in the dyeing of Meryl® Ecodye products. Dyestuff is added in dry form to the PA66 polymer prior to extrusion into the filaments which make up the yarn.

  • 0 grams of chemical waste
    0 grams of chemical waste

    Meryl® EcoDye uses polyamide as the carrier for the dyestuffs. There is no waste water, no additives and no excess dyestuff to dispose of. The only thing to come out of this process is Meryl® EcoDye yarns.

  • 0 kiloWatts of energy
    0 kiloWatts of energy

    Meryl® EcoDye products use the spinning process to add pigment to the yarns. Unlike water or CO2 dyeing no extra energy is consumed.

  • 0 minutes of time
    0 minutes of time

    Meryl® EcoDye uses Meryl's premium PA66, guaranteeing the quality you have become used to.

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