Meryl® Merino

Delicate touch & Duoregulation 

The best of nature and the latest technical fiber innovations: An outstanding product made with Meryl® yarns and Merino wool. It offers perfect duoregulation with an exquisite touch and lightness for a premium comfort.

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  • Odor Control
    Odor Control

    In warm weather, Meryl Merino Fresh keeps the skin cool and stick free thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Its inherent silver  microparticles ensures that no bacteria can grow in the textile.

  • Thermoregulator

    In cold weather, Meryl® Merino Thermo offers an extra level of insulation thanks to its hollow Meryl® core yarn. The result is lighter fabrics which offer greater protection from the cold. 

  • High Resistant
    High Resistant

    Despite its delicate appearance and soft touch, Meryl® Merino is also strong and durable. Its Meryl® core improves the strength and resistance of the yarn resulting in more durable garments. 

  • Premium Soft Touch
    Premium Soft Touch

    Traditional wool is itchy to wear, but Meryl® Merino’s ultra fine fibers (18μ) provide maximum comfort and an exclusive softness. 

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