Meryl® Acqua

Barrier Effect

Meryl® Acqua has inherent hydrophobic properties based on engineered polymer-matrix-fiber together with a multilobal cross section, which ensures that water and perspiration are carried outside the fabric.

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  • Barrier Effect
    Barrier Effect

    By permanently modifying the naturally hydrophilic capacity of Meryl® yarns with a special hydrophobic additive contained within the polymer matrix, Meryl® Acqua has an improved capacity to absorb and desorb water at higher relative humidities.

  • Ultimate Wicking
    Ultimate Wicking

    Meryl® Acqua's exclusive cross section creates improved capillary action for transporting moisture away from the skin and through the engineered yarns, keeping the wearer comfortable at all times.

  • Dope Dyed
    Dope Dyed

    Meryl® Acqua uses Meryl EcoDye technology, dope dyed yarns which give deep and permanent colors sustainably. Meryl EcoDye is a zero water, zero energy and zero waste dyeing process.

  • Soft Touch
    Soft Touch

    Meryl® Acqua garments maintain Meryl®'s famous soft touch, perfect for garments which are in contact with your skin.

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