Meryl® Fluor

Neon colors & Fresh touch

Meryl® Fluor has been created with the finest filaments providing extremely elastic and light fabrics, premium comfort, high level of capillarity and great breathability. Perfect for sport garments

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  • Anti-Ox

    ​​​Thermo-Oxidative stability. Long-term yarn protection  at ​heat exposure against yellowing and discoloration​ due to thermal oxidation.

  • Anti-UV

    ​Neon colors. ​Enhanced ​color affinity on neon colors enabling stable, economical, ecological and deep ​coloration, protectin​g​ polymer degradation against UV-A and UV-B ray​s​.

  • Washing Fastness
    Washing Fastness

    ​Fiber Chemically functionalized. Ideal for piece dyeing process with proven contribution to higher dyestuff absorption rate.  Innovative colouring process in terms of less color fading and washing ​fastness.

  • Warm Touch
    Warm Touch

    Meryl Fluor are the finest multifilament yarns, which thanks to its drawing process ensure perfect touch for your garments

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