Meryl® XtremDye

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  • High Visibility
    High Visibility

    Meryl® XtremDye is perfect to achieve intense colors and enhance dyeability on reactive colors.

    Color conformity of high visibility colors according to UNE-EN ISO 20471:2013.

  • Photo-tendering Control
    Photo-tendering Control

    Meryl®  XtremDye  has been engineered to enhance the long-term thermo-Oxidative and photostability process against the UV-A and UV-B rays exposure. Meryl® XtremDye is guaranteed against yellowing and discoloration on garments due to thermal oxidative processes.

  • Dyeing Performance
    Dyeing Performance

    Meryl® XtremDye is ideal for water bath dyes due to its speed and uniformity properties offering a higher dyestuff absorption rate.

  • Sustainability

    Meryl® XtremDye yarns give deep and permanent color sustainably. Meryl® XtremDye is synonym for the latest generation in reactive dyes for piece dyeing.

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