Meryl® for Knit

Natural comfort & Performance

Meryl® for Knit, an exclusive range of Meryl® Yarns specifically selected and designed for Knitwear

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  • Natural Stretch
    Natural Stretch

    Meryl® for Knit yarns offer an excellent comfort due to its inherent stretchability. They will return to their original state when bent or stretched, ensuring garments retain their shape during wear and laundering.

  • Sustainable

    Meryl® for Knit yarns use Meryl® EcoDye technology, dope dyed yarns which give deep and permanent colors sustainability. Meryl® EcoDye is a zero water, zero energy and zero waste dyeing process.

  • Premium Touch
    Premium Touch

    Meryl® is renowned for producing the finest yarns. Meryl® for Knit yarns have superior handle and superb drape. Delicate, light and resistant at the same time, for garments naturally perfect.

  • No Pilling Effect
    No Pilling Effect

    Garments made with Meryl® for Knit yarns avoid pilling effects without giving up its incredible touch and natural look.

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