Meryl® Acqua

Barrier Effect

Meryl® Acqua has inherent hydrophobic properties based on engineered polymer-matrix-fiber together with a multilobal cross section, which ensures that water and perspiration are carried outside the fabric.

Select Denier & Color

  • 20D - DTY 22f20x1 SD TE
  • 40D - DTY 22f20x2 SD TE
  • 30D - DTY 33f20x1 SD TE
  • 60D - DTY 33f20x2 SD TE
  • 40D - DTY 44f40x1 SD TE
  • 80D - DTY 44f40x2 SD TE
  • 60D - DTY 66f40x1 SD TE
  • White White
  • Black Black

Meryl® Acqua

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20D - DTY 22f20x1 SD TE
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